New Zodiac build block, and some small shop updates

Zodiac build block: July 2023

First and most importantly, we’ve just released deposits for a new Zodiac build block! So if you’re wanting to get in on this batch for July of next year, go snag one! They are here:

We’ve increased the size of the build blocks next year, and this lets us go through the ordering process for the block sooner. This is ideal since it gives us more flexibility in ordering bike parts, and gives you more options if you’re getting a complete bike.

Ordering Process page update

I took some time to re-write the ordering process page. It now has a fairly detailed overview of what to expect when you order a Myth. If you’re thinking about placing a deposit, or if you’ve already placed one and want to know more about what to expect, go give it a read:

Timelines and the rest of 2022

Those of you who’ve had a Myth built this year already know that it’s been a challenging one for us. Supply line issues continue to be prevalent, people still want bikes, and if I can be completely honest, I’m struggling to keep up with all the extra work involved in running a bike company in 2022. Luckily it’s looking like I can catch up and be back on schedule before the end of the year, so we are making progress. But these delays have meant that side projects like handlebars, stems, spatulas, and swag have fallen behind while I just focus on getting frames out the door. And as always, I appreciate your patience and understanding in these crazy times.

Thanks for following along, and have a great rest of your summer!

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