Zodiac Deposit – July 2023 batch


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This webstore purchase places your deposit for a Zodiac full-suspension in the:

July 2023 build block

-These frames are scheduled to deliver at the end of July, 2023 but we will begin the ordering process around the beginning of April.
-This deposit is credited towards the final price of your frame.
-This deposit is non-refundable.
-For final frame pricing, please refer to the Zodiac page of the website.
-We are only producing Small, Medium and Large Zodiacs at this time. Eventually we will be adding XL and XXL to the lineup, but those are still a ways out.
-During checkout, under shipping, please choose “Local pickup” or “Shipped” based on how you plan to get your bike when it’s ready.

For ordering information, please be sure to read the Ordering Process page before placing a deposit.