Zodiac Deposit – September 2021 batch


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This webstore purchase places your deposit for a Zodiac full-suspension in the:

September, 2021 build block

-These frames are scheduled to deliver at the end of September, 2021 but we will begin the ordering process around mid July.
-This deposit is credited towards the final price of your frame.
-This deposit is non-refundable.
-For frame pricing, please refer to the Zodiac page of our website.
-We are only producing Small, Medium and Large Zodiacs at this time. Eventually we will be adding XL and XXL to the lineup, but those are still a ways out.

For ordering information, be sure to check out the Ordering & Lead times page before placing a deposit.

Note: Eventually, we will make it possible to place a deposit for a Zodiac at any time, but while we get the production of these frames dialed in, we will open up the pre-order for each batch a few months beforehand. Subscribers to the blog will always be the first to hear about new pre-orders, so head over there and sign up if you want to be first in line.