Powder coated King Cages


Nothing customizes your bike like custom colored components. We’ve partnered with King Cage to bring you custom powder coated water bottle cages. King Cage makes the finest stainless steel and titanium water bottle cages available, right here in Durango, Colorado and we powder coat them in house. Powder coat offers an extremely durable, environmentally friendly coating that will last for decades. Like any coating, it will wear off where the bottle slides into the cage, but this is normal. Black cages are the most popular by far, but we can also do custom colors with any powdercoat we have in stock.


Black Stainless cage: $28.00
Black Titanium cage: $70.00

Custom color Stainless cage: $33.00
Custom color Titainum cage: $75.00
To see in-stock colors, check out our powder coat Colors page.

Turnaround on custom colors: We powder coat once a week, so turnaround on orders of custom color cages will take 1 to 2 weeks to fulfill.

Ordering: To order powder coated King Cages, visit our Online Shop.