The Ordering Process

If you’re interested in ordering a Myth, have a read of this page to see how our ordering process works. We build all our frames for each customer, one at a time. Whether you want just a frame, or as much as a complete bike, we will help guide you through the process to get you rolling on your new Myth.

It’s helpful to know that we don’t take deposits for frames any further than a year out from today. This means that when we release a batch of deposits in the webstore, they are available until they sell out, and then that batch will say “out of stock” until we release the next one.

Step 0: Decide which Myth you want

We make several semi-custom models, as well as offering fully-custom framebuilding. All of these frame options and details are outlined on the Bikes pages. If you want just a frame, then you’re most of the way there: all variations and pricing info is available on our site. If you’re interested in a complete bike, we will work together with you later in the ordering process to come up with a build kit that meets your wants, needs, and timeline. You don’t need to know exactly what size or color you want at this time either, we won’t need to know that until step 3.

Step 1: Place your deposit

So you’ve decided to get a Myth. Excellent choice! The first step is securing your spot in our build queue by placing a deposit. Frame slots sell out pretty quickly these days, so it helps to be ready to pull the trigger when a new batch of deposits drops. Since we don’t have a predetermined schedule for the release of these batches, the best way to stay up to date is by subscribing to our Blog. We’ll do a blog post with the release of every new batch, so you’ll have the best opportunity to secure your spot for a new Myth.

Step 2: Kick back and think about your bike

Since our build queue might be pretty far out, you’ll likely have some time to wait at this point. This is a good time to follow our Instagram, peruse our website, and stay abreast of any changes we’re making like bike models or new powder coat colors. Think about some things like frame color and component selection, so that when step 3 comes, you’re ready to rock and roll.

Step 3: Finalizing your order

3 weeks before your frame is scheduled to be built, we will reach out to begin the order finalizing process. During these 3 weeks we will talk about bike fit/size, powder coat color, and component selection. We will record your decisions in our order forms, and get your “seal of approval” to move forward with the order. At the end of these 3 weeks, we will need to have all the details of your new frame nailed down so that this batch of frames can enter production.

Step 4: Build kit payment

If you are getting components with your frame, or a complete bike, we will take payment for all your parts at the end of the 3 week order finalizing period. This allows us to either set aside what we have in stock for you or place orders from our suppliers for the stuff you want.

Step 5: A little more waiting and get ready to shred

Once your order has been finalized and your parts (if you’re getting any) are paid for, you probably won’t hear much from us for the next 2-3 months. That’s because we’re diving into the shop; cutting, brazing, welding, powder coating and assembling bikes for final shipment. It’s a lot of work, so when you hear from us again, it will be with your final invoice which includes your frame payment, minus the deposit amount, and this means your bike is almost ready to ship!

Step 6: Buy the shipping label

It’s usually around this time that our interaction will be coming to a close :'( Once your bike or frame is finished and packed in it’s shipping box, we will send out a link to and all the necessary info for you to purchase your shipping label. This allows you to make all the shipping decisions in the moment, so that we aren’t delaying your bike for a minute longer with emails back and forth about delivery dates, locations or insurance amounts. If you’re picking up your bike locally, of course you’ll be skipping this step and we’ll be scheduling a time for you to swing by the shop.

Step 7: Go shred

The final, most important step is to go out and enjoy your new Myth! We love hearing about rides you’ve done and seeing photos of it out in the wild, so feel free to send those along. By buying a Myth you’ve also signed an eternal contract with us that you will take time for yourself, take it easy, and go for bike rides on the regular. Have fun!

Placing a deposit

We have two types of deposits you can place. Each have their own build block and lead time. More details are listed on each webstore page:

-Hardtail/Custom frame. This is for any fully custom bike or any of our semi-custom hardtails.
-Zodiac Frame. This is for a Zodiac full-suspension frame.

Please note: During checkout, under shipping; please choose “Local pickup” or “Shipped” based on how you plan to get your bike when it’s ready. We have to do this to collect the correct type of sales tax for Colorado residents. Thanks!

Addendum: Parts availability

One of the reasons we’ve moved our production schedule over to build blocks that take around 3 months to complete is that it gives us quite a bit more leeway to acquire all the bike parts you might desire. As you may know, bike parts aren’t just sitting on our suppliers’ shelves anymore, and often have a long lead time of 2-3 months from when we order them. It’s possible some unique parts could take longer than this, but we’re usually able to tell you if a certain part is going to hold up the build longer than the scheduled finish date.