My name is Eric Tomczak, and I build Myth Cycles bike frames. I grew up in Durango surrounded on all sides by mountain bike culture. I also grew up tinkering, building, and taking things apart to see how they worked. When I started TIG welding professionally, it was always in my mind to someday build bike frames.

I learned almost everything I know about framebuilding from a man named Ron Andrews. Those who ride bikes don’t always know who Ron is, but almost everyone who builds bikes know him as an accomplished bike factory toolmaker. I’ve worked for Ron for 6 years and he helped me through building my first frames.

I started Myth to offer quality handcrafted steel adventure bikes. When Hayley and I were looking for a mountain tandem, I found that what we wanted simply wasn’t available. As a welder by trade, I was in a good position to build exactly what we were looking for. After getting completely hooked on mountain tandems, I decided to bring what we love riding to the market, as well as many other frames. My shop is in the heart of mountain bike country, here in Durango, CO.

Riding Blackhawk pass on the Colorado trail