In ancient Greek mythology, the Chimera was a hybrid creature that was part lion, part goat, and part snake. It’s also the name of our expedition ready fat bike. When we set out to make a fat bike, we wanted something we could ride all year round. The Chimera has a stable and buoyant ride on snow while also being an extremely capable trail shredder. With a full compliment of rack braze-ons and triple bottle mounts, loading up for a week of touring in the desert is no problem. Sliding dropouts make running singlespeed a breeze while also giving you the option of changing your chainstay length. And like all our frames, it’s proudly made right here in Durango, Colorado.

Crank Compatibility


One of the best features of the Chimera is it’s ability to run certain specific narrower Q-factor cranks and still have good chainline. Our favorite is the Raceface Turbine crankset with a flipped Cinch chainring. This is a great option for smaller riders or anyone who doesn’t want the wider stance of cranks usually found on a 5in tire fat bike. All this is done with a 100mm bottom bracket, so you can also run the wider cranks if you want to. At Myth Cycles, we’re all about options.

Standard Features

  • Brazed-on stainless steel headbadge
  • Clearance for 26 x 4.8 inch tires on a 100mm rim
  • 190×10 QR or 197×12 Thru-axle rear end
  • Paragon rocker dropouts
  • Rear rack mounts
  • 31.6 seatpost
  • 100mm BSA threaded bottom bracket
  • 44mm head tube
  • Can come paired with our Chimera fork
  • Triple bottle bosses below downtube for cargo carrying
  • Full length cable housing
  • Ability to run narrower Q-factor cranks

Add-on features

  • Stealth dropper routing
  • Bolt in frame bag bosses
  • Powder coat upgrades

Frame Materials

We build with Reynolds 853 heat-treated air-hardening steel. Reynolds makes the worlds finest butted tubing, with the most profiles available from any manufacturer. Their commitment to the bike industry matches our own, and we’re proud to be partnered with them and using their incredible products.

What we don’t make ourselves we source from the best machine shop in the industry; Paragon Machine Works. Their commitment to American manufacturing and high quality products make them a perfect source for our critical frame components such as dropouts, headtubes, and bottom bracket shells.

Choose a Color

Part of ordering a Myth bike frame is ordering it in the color of your choice. When you order a bike, you get to choose from any of our custom powder coat options, and your frame is coated for you right here in house.

  • Check out our Colors page to see what’s currently in stock!



The Chimera is a product of riding fat bikes in the mountains. The slack head angle keeps things stable when the going gets steep, and the small fork offset helps prevent oversteer. The Chimera is true to it’s name as a hybrid creature. The frame will fit 26 x 4.8 fat or 29+ wheels.


Chimera frame: $1949.00
Chimera frame and fork: $2249.00
Chimera fork only: $399.00

Frame add-ons:
Stealth dropper routing: 100.00
Bolt-in framebag bosses: 100.00

Powder Coat:
Single solid tone: Included in base price
Illusion color upgrade: 100.00
Bi-color upgrade: 150.00
Illusion bi-color upgrade: 200.00

Complete Builds:
Components are available to add to any frame order from as little as a headset to any full build kit you can imagine. Just let us know what components you’re interested in and we’ll add them to your order.
Complete Chimera builds start at 2899.00

If you’re interested in ordering a Chimera, please check out our Ordering Page.