The Zodiac is an area of the sky visible from earth that is divided into twelve signs, each representing 30 degrees of celestial longitude. These signs have fascinated astrologers for three millennia, guiding those who seek wisdom in the cryptic lore.

The Myth Cycles Zodiac is our steel full suspension trail 29er. 140mm of travel in the rear and 150mm of travel in the front, makes it a do-everything dually that wants to go fast. With multiple travel setup options and geometry that rides well anywhere make the Zodiac a full suspension you can ride for years to come.

For the Zodiac, we outlined 3 criteria:
-Simple. The lowest ratio of “care and feeding” to hours shredding.
-Durable. The Zodiac is meant to be ridden for years to come.
-Works. We didn’t assume that a straightforward full suspension is simple to design. Every detail has been painstakingly worked over until every criteria was met.

Secret Sauce

Just because you want a steel full suspension doesn’t mean you have to settle for a falling leverage rate. The shock yoke on the Zodiac moves the effective upper pivot behind the main pivot, making for a rising leverage rate. Want to run a coil shock? Awesome. Air? Sure. We’ve balanced the leverage ratio to work intuitively with many shocks, and give the best balance of plush small bump compliance as well as bottom-out resistance.

Standard Features

-Built in small batches in Durango, Colorado, USA
-Brazed-on stainless steel headbadge
-Highest quality air-hardening and aircraft 4130 steel
-Triple-triangulated swingarm puts the stiffness where it’s needed
-140mm travel with 150mm fork
Clearance for 29 x 2.5 tires
Swappable shock chip for two different rear end heights
Full length housing cable routing

Frame Specs

-210 x 55mm shock size
73mm BSA threaded bottom bracket
148×12 boost rear spacing
-31.6 seatpost
-35mm seatpost clamp
-44mm headtube
-Stealth dropper routing
-180mm post rear brake mounts
-19mm x M8 Shock mount hardware

Frame Materials

We build with Reynolds 853 heat-treated air-hardening steel. Reynolds makes the worlds finest butted tubing, with the most profiles available from any manufacturer. Their commitment to the bike industry matches our own, and we’re proud to be partnered with them and using their incredible products.

PMW logo

What we don’t make ourselves we source from the best machine shop in the industry; Paragon Machine Works. Their commitment to American manufacturing and high quality products make them a perfect source for our critical frame components such as dropouts, headtubes, and bottom bracket shells.

Choose a Color

Part of ordering a Myth bike frame is ordering it in the color of your choice. When you order a bike, you get to choose from any of our custom powder coat options, and your frame is coated for you right here in house.

  • Check out our Colors page to see what’s currently in stock!



The Zodiac is designed to be a hard-charging trail bike that won’t hold you back. Longer chainstays to better balance your center of gravity, combine with the natural snap of steel and make for mind bending traction while cornering. Steep seat tube angle makes climbing more efficient on steep grades. High native bottom bracket height is at home in the most varied terrain, but can be lowered with different shock plates and fork length. Long front center is confidence inspiring, but still playful.

Please note: At this time, we’ve only put the Small, Medium and Large into production, and we will be adding the XL and XXL at some point in the future.

Variable Geometry: The rabbit hole

There are 3 things you can do to change the geometry and travel of the Zodiac:
Shock plates: High and Low version, referring to the height of the bottom bracket. Native geometry (shown here) is with the High shock plate, and the Low shock plate lowers the BB by about 8mm and slacks angles by about .5 degree.
Fork length. Native geo is with a 150mm fork, but the frame can run a 160 or even a 140mm fork as well.
Shock stroke. A 210 x 55 rear shock will give you the standard 140mm of rear travel. You can also run a 210 x 50 shock to get 128mm of travel if you so choose.


Zodiac frame, no shock: $2999.00

Complete Builds:
Components are available to add to any frame order from as little as a headset to any full build kit you can imagine. Just let us know what components you’re interested in and we’ll add them to your order.
Complete Zodiac builds typically start around $6199.00 and go up from there.

If you’re interested in ordering a Zodiac, please check out our Ordering page.