In Greek mythology, Talos was a giant bronze automaton forged by the divine smith Hephaestus. He was given the task of defending the island of Crete, and so circled it three times a day. Upon seeing invaders, he would hurl huge boulders at their ships, or make himself red hot in fire, and embrace them when they came ashore.

The Myth Cycles Talos frame is our 29plus specific, short chainstay, aggressive trail slaying machine. The bent seat tube and signature chainstay yoke allow you to run up to a 29 x 3.0 tire and up to a 32t chainring with a 1×12 drivetrain. With huge rollover and aggressive, modern geometry, Talos is a great option for singletrack bikepacking trips like the Colorado Trail. A high bottom bracket makes it a very versatile frame as well, working well with anything from a 2.6 to 3.0 tire. It’s available as a frame only or as a complete bike. And like all our bikes, it’s made right here in Durango, CO.

The Loopstay_MG_2636

The Myth Cycles Loopstay yoke is what makes all of this possible. Fitting a 29 plus tire next to a chainring at Boost chainline is no easy task. We’ve developed an aesthetic solution to this complex problem. It gives you room to run a 29 x 3.00 tire on a 40mm rim and a chainring up to 32 teeth. All at a 418mm effective chainstay length. That’s something you won’t find just anywhere.

Standard Features

  • Brazed-on stainless steel headbadge
  • Clearance for 29 x 3.0 tires on a 40mm rim
  • 73mm BSA threaded bottom bracket
  • 31.6 seatpost
  • 148×12 Boost rear end
  • 67° head tube angle
  • 418mm effective chainstay length
  • Loopstay signature chainstay yoke
  • Full length housing cable routing
  • Triple bottle bosses below downtube

Frame Add-ons

  • Slider or Rocker dropouts
  • Stealth dropper routing
  • Bolt in frame bag bosses
  • Powder coat upgrades


Frame Materials

We build our bikes with the finest steel tubing and raw stock in the world. Tubes are selected from several different manufacturers based on exactly what butting profile and alloy we want for that part of the bike.

PMW logoWhat we can’t make ourselves we source from the best machine shop in the industry; Paragon Machine Works. Their commitment to American manufacturing and high quality products make them a perfect source for our critical frame components such as dropouts, headtubes, and bottom bracket shells.

Choose a Color

Part of ordering a Myth bike frame is ordering it in the color of your choice. When you order a bike, you get to choose from any of our custom powder coat options, and your frame is coated for you right here in house.

  • Check out our Colors page to see what’s currently in stock!



For 2020, we’ve updated Talos’ geometry. Years of riding and client feedback have led us to subtle tweaks in the geo that we believe make it just right. We’ve also added a size M/L to the lineup, for all those folks who are always between medium and large.

Talos was designed for riders who want to use the 29+ platform as a hard-charging aggressive trail bike. It has 423mm chainstays (418 effective) for a lively, agile feel with those large wheels and a steeper seat tube angle to improve climbing. It has a slightly higher bottom bracket which gives you flexibility to run down to a 29 x 2.6 tire. Talos has longer reach numbers and a slacker head tube angle than are typically found on 29+ bikes. All this adds up to one of the most progressive frames around for this wheel size.

Talos Geo chart 2020


Talos frame: $1499.00

Frame add-ons:
Slider or Rocker dropouts: 100.00
Stealth dropper routing: 100.00
Bolt-in framebag bosses: 100.00

Powder Coat:
Single solid tone: Included in base price
Illusion color upgrade: 100.00
Bi-color upgrade: 150.00
Illusion bi-color upgrade: 200.00

Complete Builds:
Components are available to add to any frame order from as little as a headset to any full build kit you can imagine. Just let us know what components you’re interested in and we’ll add them to your order.
Complete Talos builds start at 3499.00

If you’re ready to order a frame or complete bike, please contact us directly by using our Contact form and we will respond to your message right away. For information about submitting a deposit or lead times, visit our Frame Deposit & Lead Times page.