March Zodiac build block; pt. 2

Three more Zodiacs to look at here, with one more complete build and two more frames.

Jay’s Fancy Mustard Z

Jay’s Zodiac in our Fancy Mustard powder coat really hit the spot. This was a fully custom build on a size medium frame, and it came out great.

-As you tend to see a lot around here, we’ve got Fox Factory suspension front and rear with the 36 in front and the DPX2 holding down the rear as well as a Factory transfer to tie all the gold together.
-Sram GX drivetrain. Only had to wait a year for this one to show up 😀
-Hope hubs laced to Stan’s Flow Mk 4 rims as well as the awesome Tech 3 E4 brakes in SILVER.
-Maxxis tires, house favorites, Ikon and Rekon.
-Whisky carbon bars.

Overall a super nice build. It’s always great when people want a “forever bike.” Even if that’s not quite literal, it’s at the very least going to be a bike they can depend on for many many seasons to come. Also, Jay is my brother in law so I’m going to get to see this bike a lot in the coming years!

Thanks so much Jay, I hope you get to ride the piss out of this thing.

Chad’s Purple / Sea Foam Z

These are not two colors I would have thought about pairing on a bike, but seeing it in person really ties the room together. That’s the beauty of my customers choosing their own colors is that folks come up with stuff I would never do on my own. And it works!

Chad’s bike is a size large, and he got a frame only, along with an elusive set of our steel LoMoTo bars. Apparently even more elusive because I forgot to include them in the box with his frame and he had to call me saying “So… handlebars?…” But we got there in the end because Chad is a great example of how awesome my customers are and how understanding they are of the s***storm of logistical challenges I’m dealing with right now.

Anyway, thanks so much Chad! So stoked to get to build you a bike. Stay tuned on Insta for the complete build as well!

Michael’s Illusion Malbec / Black Chrome Z

Last but certainly not least is Michael’s Zodiac in the ever classic combo of Illusion Malbec and Black Chrome. He got a frame only and sourced his own parts, and You Bet bike shop did an awesome job on the final build up. Their Instagram has some really great pics of the complete bike, so swing on over there and give them a follow:

This wraps up the March build block. I’m taking pictures of the May build block right now and will do a post as soon as I’m able. Thanks for tagging along!

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