The LoMoTo

The LoMoTo is a low-rise moto style handlebar. Want to go to a moto bar but don’t need huge rise or tons of sweep? We designed this bar to work well when swapped in on modern mountain bikes so that it doesn’t change the riding geometry too drastically.

Rise: 50mm
Back sweep: 10°
Up sweep: 4.5°
Width: 820mm
Stem Clamp: 22.2 but comes with a shim to fit 31.8
Titanium: 411g

Titanium, brushed: 360.00

Available from the webstore:
LoMoTo Handlebar

Note: We’ve temporarily suspended production of the steel LoMoTo handlebars while we try to catch up on orders. They’re difficult to produce, so we’re focusing on titanium for now and will try to get them back on the menu when things get a little less crazy.

Other handlebars coming soon!