Spring, 2023 build block, pt 2

If you thought the Spring build block pt 1 was good, don’t worry it’s not slowing down for part 2. This block was full of some very wild and wonderful bikes, and I’m excited to show them off here.

Owen’s full custom mountain bike in Flat Pink

It’s probable that from the pictures you can tell why Owen wanted a custom mountain bike. Bikes like this are one of my favorite things to build. Something that simply doesn’t exist off-the-shelf. It’s an opportunity to design an entire system for someone who has specific needs, and tie it all together in a custom bike.

The tubeset was chosen to give all the additional stiffness needed for such a large frame, while still allowing the flex that steel is so well known for. Chainstays are a bit longer to keep center of gravity where it should be, the bike is designed around 210mm cranks, and he got three bottle mounts, with two stacked on top of each other on the downtube!

The build kit is a good one too. Industry 9 hubs laced to Stans rims with Maxxis tires. A pretty long BikeYoke dropper, Fox fork, and Sram GX drivetrain keep things moving forward smoothly. 210mm cranks by Zinn just make sense, and the high rise Pro Taper handlebars team up with the full length, uncut steerer tube to get those grips where they need to be.

It was a blast designing and building this bike for Owen, check out the full gallery below.

Matthew’s full custom hardtail in Fancy Mustard

Matthew wanted a full custom hardtail for a bit of quiver-of-one type riding where he lives. From gravel roads to super chunk, his main goal here was fit, and we spent a lot of the time in the design process discussing how his previous bikes fit, and how he wanted this one to feel.

The tubeset was chosen for comfort, but it will also stand up to anything he throws at it. He requested longer radius, deeper bends on the seatstays, which I was happy to do since we bend all stays in-house and specific to each bike.

This was a fun one and Matthew was great to work with. Check out the full gallery below.

Lorence’s full custom Pinion long haul touring rig

Way back when I first got into bikes, the kind of biking I fell in love with was touring. Good old fashioned bike touring with big panniers, drop bars and long grinding days on the open road. Even though I’ve left that style of biking behind me for now, touring bikes have always had a very special place in my heart.

So when Lorence reached out and wanted a Pinion bike for loaded touring, I was pretty excited. This is modeled after his previous touring bike, but with a few key changes and most notably, it has a 12-speed Pinion gearbox. We kept things simple, with as few moving parts as possible. Non-adjustable rear dropouts were selected and a chain tensioner will be used, a small price to pay for a more robust rear end that will have both a rack and a trailer attached. We opted to pair the frame with a Surly fork to keep the whole thing within budget, and the always stunning Illusion Midnight Purple powder coat goes great with the black fork.

This was a fun bike and it was great reaching back to my touring roots when designing it.

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