Bedrock Bags

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We’ve partnered up with Bedrock Bags to offer our customers a complete bikepacking package. Bedrock has earned a solid reputation as one of the leading makers of sewn bikepacking bags in the world. The best part is that they’re based just across town right here in Durango, Colorado. With a commitment to American manufacturing, high quality products and to having fun while doing it, they were a natural choice for Myth to partner with. We love their selection of bags and their approach to bikepacking and we’re proud to be able to offer their entire product line along with our bikes.

To see their complete line and find any info on Bedrock’s offerings, visit their website at:


If you’re ordering a Myth and you’re interested in getting a custom frame bag made for it, you can order everything through us. We can include as many Bedrock products as you like with the purchase of your new bike or frame. We will take care of getting all the proper frame sizing information over to Joey and Andrew, and your new bags will be ready for your new bike.

To see all the options Bedrock offers on their framebags, check out their page: Bedrock Custom Frame Bags

Most Bedrock bags ordered through Myth Cycles will feature our heat-press logo alongside theirs on each of the bags. We’re excited to be able to offer you a complete bikepacking package all originating from right here in Durango.


Pricing & Ordering

Up-to-date pricing can be found at their website at:

You can always buy bags directly from Bedrock, but to include bags with your bike order, please Contact Us.