Spring, 2023 build block, pt 1

It’s feeling truly like summer in Colorado now, but it was slow coming. After a big winter, we had a pretty prolonged spring, with lots of rain and less-than-warm days. It was beautiful while it lasted, but now summer is well and truly here.

The spring build block was a big one, with 6 bikes, 4 of them customs. This is the “part 1” post, and I’ll post up part 2 in a couple weeks.

Kerry’s Lg Wyvern in Illusion Ruby

I love when folks come to me with a very specific vision of what they want their frame to look like. As long as it’s achievable, of course. Kerry’s vision definitely was, and the result is stunning! This was a specially custom ordered in powder coat, and it’s another one of those that’s hard to really get the full effect of through a screen. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll see this one in person on your local trails.

Forrest’s Lg Talos in Indigo

Forrest wanted a solid do-it-all hardtail frame, and the Talos is just the ticket. The slider dropouts are standard on the Talos frame, but they don’t lend themselves perfectly to pairing with rack mounts. I’ve recently come up with a solution for that, with some small welded on tabs that I can use with the slider dropouts. They don’t work for every single combination of brakes and racks, however they work with most of them. Worst case scenario, you just have to slide your dropouts back a few mm’s and you should be good to go. Forrest’s bike was the first to sport these additions. It’s been a while since I shot the Indigo color, but it’s a great solid simple blue that is just dark enough to look good dirty. A good trait for any mountain bike color.

Dietrich’s Full custom shredder

Dietrich’s bike ended up being quite a show stopper. He wanted something custom fit to his geometry and needs, while being versatile, well built, and something he can swing a leg over for after work rides, town rides, and the occasional bikepacking trip. One thing led to another, and well, now he has a hardtail he can ride wherever he wants. Nice frame, nice parts, and it all came together to be a very classy ride. The pictures do it more justice than my words can:

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