New hardtail deposits, holiday update and spatulas!

Well here we are, the end of 2022 seems like it’s rushing at us as fast as ever. It’s been a big year for me personally (Eric) and for Myth Cycles too.

Shop update

You may have noticed that I really did not update our Instagram very much this year. While I could really dive into the reasons for that, I’ll just say that supply line issues continued to plague the production process, and it’s also been a really busy one for my family. We just welcomed a new member of the family into the world a month ago, and also have a toddler that is approaching 2. When things get busy and orders are still flooding in, non-essential things like social media are the first things to fall behind. We will do our best to get back to regular updates in the coming year.

But anyway, we’re back on schedule and cranking more bikes out. While many parts delays have eased up, there are still issues getting certain things, and unfortunately it just takes one thing like a cassette to hold up the entire build. We’ve switched to 3 month build blocks, which should help this issue a bit, and of course we’re always hoping that the supply lines continue to improve.

New Hardtail build block deposits

The next block of hardtail and full custom deposits are now available in our webstore! Here’s the link: Deposits.

This block is scheduled to deliver in October of 2023, and we should be starting the ordering process around mid July.

Looking forward to building bikes for all of you!

Spatulas are back!

One more project that fell behind when we were super busy was building the Myth titanium spatulas. They are super popular, and I really wanted them to be available for this holiday season. I made a huge batch over the summer, and they’re now ready for purchase in the webstore.

The design changed slightly, and they now have a thin rectangular plate handle. This is slightly more durable, and easier to source in this time when sourcing materials is crazy.

I will do my best to always ship them asap, especially now as we get closer to year’s end. If you’d like to pick one or more up you can do that here.

That’s all! Thanks as always for the love and support, and we’re really looking forward to building more bike for everyone in the future.

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