July, 2022 Zodiac build block

Summer somehow feels like it’s already slowly pulling away. With days getting shorter and that slight chill in the mornings bringing back the morning hoody. The last of the July block left the building a couple weeks ago, and here’s a roundup of what our awesome customers picked out!

Scarlett’s Z in Yellow and Sea Foam

I’ll admit I was surprised when Scarlett picked this color combo out. Mostly because I’d never thought of combining these two, and the combo is absolutely awesome. She got a complete build that was pretty much ready to rock and roll out the door, and it was full of nice parts, too.

Some highlights:
-White Industries headset.
-MRP Ribbon air fork, 150mm travel.
-Fox Float X shock.
-Onyx Vesper hubs laced to Stan’s Flow Mk4 rims.
-Sram GX Eagle drivetrain.
-Myth LoMoTo titanium handlebars.
-Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes.
-Brooks B17 Carved saddle.

And the result is… well it’s hard to argue with. Just look for yourself:

Andrew’s Z in Fancy Mustard and Matte Black

Andrew was really great to work with, and I am excited for his new whip! Since it was just a frame, I don’t have too much to say on how it was built up, but you can see some pics of the final build over at this instagram post:

Fun fact, the guy who owns the bike shop that built up the bike for Andrew is an acquaintance who moved away a while ago. I’m glad the frame was in good company all around!

Erik’s Z in Fancy Mustard and Black Chrome

There were some funny overlaps in colors with this block, which made the day of powder coating slightly easier, but also an exercise in mix-and-match. Erik’s Fancy Mustard front was paired in this case with a nice Black Chrome swingarm.

He also got a matching custom steel stem, but due to some timing stuff I didn’t get a picture of it. Dang! But it will definitely look sweet built up.

Kevin’s Z in Sea Foam

I may be a little biased on Kevin’s choice of color. My Zodiac frame is Sea Foam, and I think it’s a darn classy unit. This and Fancy Mustard are taking off in popularity around here, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

This is the 4th and last bike of this batch of Zodiacs, and you may now notice that they were all size Large! The universe cut me a break and made this batch a little easier to get out the door, with no extra setups and just one size to make.

Looking forward to seeing this one built up!

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