September, 2022 build block (wait, what?)

Super late? Yes. Do we care? No. I took these damn pictures and I need to put them somewhere, so now 6 months later, here is your blog post.

This was a small build block, with only a couple of bikes. A couple scheduling changes along with the birth of my second son (welcome Hollis!) led to just two bikes being built in this time slot. Here they are.

John’s Illusion Violet and Blue Wyvern

This was a really fun build. I’ve done this powder job several times, but never with the Violet on top. The Violet and Blue Illusion powder coat go together like peas and carrots, so it’s always a hit no matter how it’s oriented.

It was nice to send out a complete bike as well. Shimano XT, Fox Factory, Maxxis, all the good stuff is on there.

I hope you got to enjoy your bike before the snow flew John!

Wes’s Sea Foam Ambrosia

Wes is my bro-in-law, and he’s been talking about getting a bike for a long time. He finally did, and I am so stoked how it came out. He needed something to put in miles on his local dirt, and also for the occasional tour. The Ambrosia fit the bill nicely, and he picked a fun color too.

The complete build was great to put together. This is actually the first time I’ve put Sram AXS on a bike, and it’s actually a lot nicer than I was expecting. As a staunch luddite, my general response has been “cables have been working fine for decades” and as true as that may be, Sram has really pulled off something cool here. It was easy to install, easy to adjust, and worked really really well, especially for a 2x system.

Enjoy the bike Wes! I hope it’s as fun to ride as it was to build.

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