Wyvern, Large, Illusion blue/violet

This was a really fun bike to put together. Joe had something pretty specific in mind when he contacted me about a bike. He wanted something light, fast, rigid, and singlespeed. A mountain bike stripped down to it’s essential core that would be quiet, simple, and shreddable. He wants to do the Colorado trail race and not have to think twice about his bike holding up.

We finally decided the Wyvern with Paragon sliders was going to fit his needs the best. In putting it together, he wanted to showcase a lot of American made parts to go along with his handcrafted steel bike. Especially anything that came anodized purple! With parts from Paul, Industry Nine, Chris King, Endless Bike and Velocity, the build kit came together really nicely. The crown jewel of the build kit was probably a set of Cane Creek eeWings and a set of titanium King Cages that were custom anodized by Peter at Agave Finishworks.

We were back and forth on powder coat, until Joe saw my hardtail that I did in a similar top to bottom Illusion Blue/Violet fade. This is definitely the most striking powder coat I do, and the pictures simply don’t do it justice. It has to be seen to be believed.

Let’s put it this way, if you’re not into purple, you might not be into this bike. But if you’re into purple, why go halfway? I for one am a huge fan.

Keep an eye out for this bike in Durango, and all over Colorado. You won’t miss it!

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