Talos, Sliders, Iris Burgundy/Black

This was a really great Talos build up for Mike. Singlespeed, with a properly nice build kit, and I think one of my favorite bi-colors to date (I know, I say that a lot).

The Color is Iris Burgundy and Ink Black, and they really worked well together. I’ve been doing more of the top/bottom bi-colors, and they’ve been coming out great. I think it’s cool how there are 4 tubes with the transition on them, so color combinations like this one where the colors fade well are perfect.

Mike wanted a singlespeed, and lead the charge on this build kit. We worked together to come up with the components that would meet his needs, and ended up with some really nice parts. Our favorite suspension company, Fox provided the awesome 34 Factory in 130mm and a Transfer seatpost to make the descents something to write home about. Industry 9 singlespeed hubs paired with some Whisky No.9 36W carbon rims make for a dream 1x wheelset. A White Industries stealth black headset really tied the room together, and the Race Face Turbine cranks are such a great simple, lifetime bike part. The Shadow Conspiracy half-link chain lets Mike run his dropouts further forward with any gear ratio he wants, and the Surly rear cog has custom machined singlespeed spacers, just like every complete singlespeed that leaves Myth Cycles.

You might notice a little custom detail in the decal at the bottom of the seat tube. Mike’s been riding a Schwinn homegrown since the 90’s. He asked if there was any way to integrate the Homegrown Tomato into the bike somewhere, so I made a little custom vinyl decal with USA in it. Schwinn homegrowns were built here in Durango at the Yeti factory for a number of years, so it was really cool to put just a small homage to my framebuilding predecessors on this bike.

I’m doing the Loopstays slightly differently now, with a compound bend that makes the plate’s approach angle into the BB shell 90 degrees, instead of coming in at a 40 degree angle or so which I’ve done in the past. This new method makes it easier to change chainstay length when using these between bikes, makes the welding a little better, and frankly, looks badass.

This was a really fun bike to put together, and I’ve been happy to hear that Mike’s already shredding it.

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