Frame jig – Bench mount

After building the jig, I needed somewhere to mount the damn thing, since it weighs about 100 pounds. This part actually took quite a bit of thinking before I was ready to commit to a design. My design parameters were:

-Mounted to my welding bench so that it didn’t move much, but could still be rolled around if I needed it elsewhere.
-To rotate 360° to give me the most possible access when welding while in the fixture.
-To swing left and right so that I could get behind both the front and rear of the fixture for welding, and also so that I can swing the whole thing to the left and out of my way when I need to use the welding bench for other things.
-To raise up and down by quite a bit so that I can raise it for fitting all the tubes, and lower it to weld in my chair.

I decided to use bronze bushings to go between the two pieces of steel pipe. This gave me a nice smooth rotation, and also conducts electricity so that I don’t have to use a ground clamp on the fixture.

The bronze bushings installed in the larger tubing with machine screws to keep them from rotating.
Binders for the clamps.
The clamps with their extensions welded on.


I used 309L stainless filler and it came out very nice.
This is the part that bolts to the frame fixture.


Clamp slotted.
And here it is all assembled. 2 Axes of rotation, ability to raise and lower and fairly modular. I might add or remove things as I figure out more about what I want.

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