A couple weeks ago, I started work on a mountain bike for myself. I wanted to incorporate all of the beneficial new features found on today’s hardtails, while still keeping some tried and true features that make a great bike. This will be the first prototype of the hardtail I will release next spring.

Highlights of version 1.0 include:
-27.5+ wheel clearance
-68 deg head angle
-120mm sus corrected
-Boost 148 rear
-31.6 seatpost with external dropper routing
-Routing for full length housing

This week I got it back from the powdercoater, and it came out really fantastic. Here are a few pictures of the build and details of the finished frame. This was the first frame I built in the new frame jig, and it worked out really well. It was significantly more straight forward, and very easy to set up. It also produces a very straight frame.

After a short town ride to shake things down, we rode a 22 mile stretch of the Colorado trail yesterday. This bike is unbelievably fun. The big tires and slack geometry just want to scream down hills. Due to my 435mm mid-length chainstays, it also climbs really well.


Days like this are the reason I mountain bike. I love this area more than words can express.

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