Eric’s new bike (?)

I tend to change out the bike I’m riding every year or two. It has more to do with testing new designs than anything, since I really don’t care if the powder coat gets beat up, or if the components are tired. Good design comes down to understanding how the geometry works, limitations of your materials, and how you approach the problem the bike is trying to solve. And experience comes above all. There’s nothing quite like designing a bike, building it, riding it, and feeling every little angle and dimension you designed as it moves in the real world. Often the bike does what I want it to do, but the whole point of testing is finding those places where it doesn’t.

After riding the prototype Zodiac for quite a while, it was time to build myself a final version model. In the first batch of Zodiacs, I put a frame for myself in the production schedule, and have been slowly finding time here and there to finish it. So finally, 10 months later, I have finished my bike.

The build kit is one I’ve been slowly piecing together over the last few years. It’s my “dream” build kit with tons of little parts that I just love. Some personal favorites are:
-Industry 9 hubs laced to Myth Black Hole carbon rims (yeah, those are on the secret menu)
-Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes
-White Industries headset (need to get a silver one tho)
-DKG seatpost clamp
-Custom tuned Fox Factory 36 with DSD Runt
-Paul Boxcar Stem
-Titanium King Cage (that I probably welded when I worked for Ron)

Not to say the other bits aren’t special, but some things stand out more than others.

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  1. Gorgeous bike Eric and well deserved. I’m itching for a Myth v2 still scheming a bit on design but I should get off my butt soon. 🙂 Plus 853 baby!

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