The new year, ordering, prices and Zodiacs, oh my

Happy New Year! It took me almost a month to find a place to say it, but 2022 is here and we’ve hit the ground running. 2021 was a good year for Myth, mostly because of all our awesome customers. I’ve mostly had my head down and working a lot, and spending time with my family when I’m free. To be honest, 2021 flew by, and I’m not even sure what to expect from 2022. I’d be lying if I said my job was easy right now. Those three insidious words “supply line issues” have definitely been at play in every part of the running of Myth Cycles. We’re working around what we can, but there’s only so much we can do. Luckily most of our customers understand, and we’re making it work. The rest of the world seems to be in the same situation, so I think it’s just the flavor of the times. So here’s to 2022; may it not suck too much.

Deposits moving forward

As Myth approaches a 1-year lead time, I won’t have deposits available for purchase at all times any more. Things are changing fast, and I need to retain the ability to adapt the production schedule, so I won’t be taking deposits for frames any further out than 12 months. How that works is like this; The next empty build block is a hardtail block set to deliver in March of 2023. The deposits for that block won’t become available until March of 2022. As the deposit release is approaching, I’ll do a blog post about it and let everyone know when they will become available. Following along with the blog is still the best way to get the most up to date news from Myth.

Prices (yikes!)

The keen eyed may have noticed that prices went up on our bikes. Again, lots of words you’ve heard in the news and elsewhere: inflation, rising cost of materials, etc. I’ve been resisting it, but there’s just no escaping the reality that everything is more expensive, and we need to pivot to keep the lights on. I’ll be a bit presumptuous here and say: thank you for your understanding.


The deposits are now available for the next Zodiac build block. This one is slated to deliver at the beginning of December, and is starting with 6 slots available. Please note the updated pricing on the Zodiac page. These bikes have been a huge hit with fans of Myth Cycles and I’m really stoked on producing them. I’ve been working hard to streamline the production process as much as possible, and rest assured I’m packing in as many frames into the build blocks as I can. It’s my goal as much as anyone’s to get my lead time down.

That’s it! Thanks for for reading and I hope everyone has an awesome year. Ride bikes, don’t sniff strangers (or anyone, actually) and keep the rubber side down, as always.

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