Myth Cycles; Spring update

Hello Myth riders and readers, I’ve just got a quick update to give everyone an idea of what’s going on at Myth world headquarters.

It’s been the busiest spring season we’ve ever had, and we are cranking right along making bikes! It’s an exciting time for us, and a lot is going on. Spring has sprung and we’ve been out on the local trails a ton in addition to sending bikes to new Myth owners all across the country. Here are a couple updates.


Bike parts are very difficult to source right now, but we’ve actually had luck getting things in by ordering early and being patient. So at this time, if you’re a bit flexible on build kit, we can likely get you on a complete bike with little (a couple weeks maybe) to no delay on your scheduled lead time. Unique bikes or folks who want really specific build kit items we aren’t stocking will likely have a bit more of a wait.

For reference, here’s some of what we’re stocking and should have on hand through the rest of the year:
-General 1×12 drivetrain and 29er wheel build kits
-Shimano XT drivetrains
-Shimano XT 2 and 4 pot brakesets
-Sram GX drivetrains
-Sram 2 and 4 pot brakesets
-Industry 9 hubs laced to both aluminum and carbon rim wheelsets
-White Industries headsets
-Fox suspension items including: Float 34 and 36 forks and both coil and air shocks
-Fox transfer dropper posts
-Bikeyoke dropper posts
-Maxxis tires in 2.4 and 2.5 sizes, various models
-Ergon grips
-WTB saddles


We successfully put the Zodiac 29er full suspension into production this spring! We are building these in their own build blocks alternating with hardtails. This means we effectively have two different lead times, one for Zodiacs and one for hardtails/customs. Lead time on hardtails can still be found at our Deposit and Lead time page. For Zodiacs, I open up pre-order for each batch about 4 months before they are due. Those can be found in our Webstore.

I was really hoping to add the XL and XXL frames to the Zodiac lineup with the upcoming September batch, but alas, it is not to be. Due to crazy supply chain issues, I have been unable to source the material I want to use for certain parts of the frame, so those are again being bumped out until I can get a line on that tubing. I apologize to anyone waiting for those sizes, but I promise they are coming eventually!

The September build block pre-order is now open! You can place a deposit for this block right here. This block is a bit smaller than our normally scheduled blocks, as we are trying to catch up on orders and we’d like to be ahead of schedule rather than behind. These frames are scheduled to be delivered at the end of September, but as always your patience is very appreciated if we hit any unavoidable delays.

Thank you!

Myth is absolutely cranking along right now, and I really want to thank all my customers, and customers-to-be for picking Myth to build your bike! Everyone has been so understanding re: lead times and supply chain issues, which means more to me than you know. It has been really amazing to see so many Myth frames and bikes go out the door to their new homes.

Thanks, and happy trails!

Image credit: Kyle Klain, @hinterlanded

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