Custom Gravel Adventure tandem!

I don’t build a lot of tandems, but when I do, I always feel so honored that my customers chose me to build it. So when David and Sam described what they wanted, I was so excited to get started on the project.

In short, they wanted an adventure vehicle. Tandems are pretty much always an adventure, whether you intend to actually go adventuring or not. David and Sam did, so we put together a rig that could take wide tires, has lots of bottle mounts, a wide gear range, and a full compliment of custom Bedrock framebags.

Shimano DI2 Ultegra makes shifting completely breezy, even with the extra length on a tandem. Oversize 220mm rotors will stop this machine fully loaded with no problem at all. A custom fork with lots of mounts gives them options to run bottles as well as manything cages for the long haul. And of course, the whole rig is custom fit to just them.

And, of course, the bi-color illusion violet to blue powdercoat. It’s nice when you know that your custom tandem isn’t like any other one out there.

But probably the coolest part of the whole project was that Sam wanted to create a custom headbadge for the tandem out of brass. So before the tandem was finished, she sent me the bear on a bike, and it was the final finishing touch added before it was shipped out.

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