Myths on the Colorado Trail

One of the most amazing things about building custom bikes for people is hearing about the amazing riding and trips they take. This past summer, three different people rode their Myth mountain bikes the length of the Colorado trail, and they’ve all been kind enough to let me share some photos of their trips.

Trevor and Sarah rode from Denver to Durango in July, and Trevor was on an XL Wyvern with 27.5 x 3″ tires. They did the trail in about 3 weeks, and I got a chance to meet up with them for the last 20 miles of the trail and ride from Kennebec pass to town!



Isaac rode the trail in the same direction, starting about a month later in August. He was on a Medium Wyvern with the same 27.5 x 3″ wheelset. He set his bike up with the new Ortlieb frame bags.



Josh bought a Talos back in October of last year, and he has been riding the piss out of it ever since. He’s running full 29 x 3″ tires on it, and reports loving it for singletrack as well as bikepacking. He rode the CT in August as well, and took some awesome pictures along the way.


All Photo credits to their respective owners. These may not be used without their owner’s permission.

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