Gravel bike, 57cm, Iris Burgundy

I’ve been working towards a semi-custom gravel/adventure bike for a while now, and each iteration has gotten closer to what I’m trying to achieve. This most recent build is the final version of the geometry I’ve been playing around with. The main focus of this bike is really all day comfort for long days in the saddle. I’ve designed it to be just as at home on a weekend gravel ride as it is with a couple days of food and camping gear on the rack.

Dakota already has a Myth mountain bike, so when he asked for an adventure/light touring rig, I knew this bike was a perfect fit. I’ll be adding this to the lineup as soon as I have a bit of time to come up with a name and add it to the website, but I’ve already been building this bike for folks for about 2 years.

This version is designed around the Shimano GRX drivetrain, which is a great new option for adventure bikes that want to run wider tires. With a 2.5mm wider chain line, it gives you a TON more tire and mud room, leaving space for fenders as well. This allows me to build a bike that can fit a 47mm tire (or bigger!) while still using oval chainstays that are stiff and light.

Iris Burgundy might be one of my favorite colors in the whole lineup, and this version did not disappoint.

Keep an eye on the website and blog for this gravel/adventure/light touring/grocery getter/road bike/speed machine to show up.

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  1. Love the Colour! ..Covers all the Boxes on My list for A Gravel /Adventure Bike too..which I’ve known for the last Two the Direction I want to go with My Cycling.. Over the remaining Years I’m able to Cock a leg coin a Phrase!
    (Would be Made Up..if a 650b 47mm/50mm Tyre option was in the mix! + the option of fitting Mudguards?!)

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