Talos, Med-Large, Turquoise

The last frame to come out of the shop was this Talos with the stealth dropper routing upgrade. One new thing about this frame was the size. We’re introducing a size halfway between Medium and Large, and this was the first one. Basically, the seat tube length is the same as the medium, but the reach is longer. Over the course of fitting people onto these frames for the last year, I’ve found that almost everyone who buys one is on either a Medium or a Large, and a few people would do best on a size in between, so I’m adding that to the lineup. I’ll put all the details on the Talos page soon.


This is also the first customer frame to get a brazed-on stainless headbadge! I really couldn’t be happier with how those have turned out, and I hope everyone else enjoys them as much as I do.

The always popular Turquoise color came out great on this frame. It looks more sky blue in these photos than it is in person, but it’s hard to get perfect color representation in photos.


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