Full Custom Enduro Hardtail, Pink/black

I’ll just say it: this is the coolest bike I’ve ever built. There are a lot of reasons I’m willing to say that, and the first, obvious one is self evident: it looks incredibly badass. However, there’s more even than meets the eye. First off, this bike is for my wife, who absolutely shreds every bike I hand her, so I really wanted to make her something truly aggressive that fit her riding style. 66 degree HA normalized, with short 415mm chainstays. Built for a 130mm fork, and rocking 170 cranks.

The tubing was carefully selected to be strong, without being unreasonably heavy. The seat tube was bent in house. The top tube started life as a 4130 straight gauge .9 wall tube. It was centerless ground until it was .8 wall, then externally butted to .6 wall for 6 inches at the front of the bike. Then bent in house as well. I bent the chainstays as well, and machined a yoke that plugged into one end of the round tubing. All tubes on this bike were bent in house, except for the downtube.

_MG_1645The rear post mount brake mount was a first, and proudly one of my own design. I call it the Snail-Eyes post mount system! With the brake off, they look like eyes on long stalks. I plan to offer this on all my custom bikes in the future, as well as on custom forks.

The powdercoat was also done in-house, and is a flat pink to flat black fade. Both very low-gloss finishes, and I think they go with the components extremely well. This is a fade we plan to offer as a finish upgrade to any of our custom or stock bikes.

Anyway, I think the photos speak for themselves!

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