Blackhawk Pass

Hayley and I got a chance to ride the tandem over a section of the Colorado trail called Blackhawk pass. The way we did this ride was to start at the upper trailhead of the Hermosa Creek trail, and ride up Bolam pass to the CO trail. From there we took it over Blackhawk to another trail called Stagecoach (which incidentally we’d never ridden before).

This felt like one of the first rides where we really pushed what was possible on a tandem mountain bike. Our friend Katie was with us, and she is half of another tandem team we ride with here in Durango. Since she and her partner have been over Blackhawk before, we knew it had to be possible.To be honest, we were actually surprised at how much we could ride, and how well the bike did. This tandem just gets more fun every time we ride it.

A hundred thanks to our awesome photographer/cheerleader Katie Newbury!

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