New tool Fridays: The Buttfeeler

So this’ll be the first of what I hope to be a fun tradition in blog posts. New tool Fridays!

Even though I’m pretty good about keeping track of numbers like where the manufacturer says their tubing butts should be, it’s nice to just know for sure. I think it’s faster to just measure the wall of the tube and mark it right there. This idea is nothing new, I saw something just like this somewhere on the web. I just decided to make mine out of a cheapo chinese dial indicator and some 1/2″ steel rod.

While I’m happy with how it worked out, it’s amazing how much the 1/2″ rod flexes. I’d make it out of 3/4″ if I did it over. This tool feels the tube wall to measure the butts. I dub thee the Buttfeeler!

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