March, 2023 hardtail deposits available, and website changes

Wheehooh it’s been an intense start to the year. But we’re hanging strong and putting out product. Supply line issues are plaguing us just like everyone, but we’re figuring it out. Thanks, as ever, for your support and patience!

The next hardtail build block deposits are now available for purchase! This block is for any hardtail or gravel bike, full custom or semi custom and will be delivering in March of 2023. If you’re interested in getting in on this, now is the time. Those deposits can be found here:

Hardtail Frame deposit – March 2023

Changes to the website

There have been some slight changes to the website, mostly to the webstore. The Colorado sales tax laws are some of the most complicated in the country, and the exception I was flying under has now expired. So we’ve updated the webstore to work under the new rules, and the changes only affect Colorado customers:
-If you live in CO, you will be charged your local tax rate instead of ours.
-The price of deposits are now exclusive of sales tax. Meaning we charge tax on top of the price instead of it being rolled in like before. This doesn’t change how much you pay, just at what time you pay it, if that makes sense.

Shop updates

After a bit of a rough start to the year, we’re rolling right along and making bikes. The changes to Colorado’s tax laws have been the biggest hurtle by far to tackle this year, and getting the business up to speed took a ton of time. Supply line issues (I feel like I’m swearing when I say that phrase now) are also affecting things, and we’re just working through everything as it comes. In general, I have tubing and access to things like dropouts and such, but bike parts continue to be scarce.

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