White Zodiac / Radavist shop visit

Making for the first white Myth to leave the shop, Kyle’s bike turned out really damn sweet. I’ll admit I was hesitant about white, but seeing the final result really swayed me. I think it’s the yellow accents that really slam the whole thing home.

Kyle is a photographer and writer for The Radavist and came up from NM just to pick up his frame and do a little shop visit/write up. He came up for the weekend with his partner Kim and we spent Sunday morning chatting, touring the shop, and assembling his bike. They took a ton of amazing photos, and all the pics in this post are theirs.

After putting his bike together, we went for lunch at Zia and then for a spin up Animas Mountain. After climbing the East rim, clouds rolled in as we were just a few hundred yards from the top, so we eddied out to see if it would pass. A few minutes into waiting, BANG lightning struck the top of the mountain, the closest I think I’ve ever been to a strike. We couldn’t get on our bikes fast enough, and headed back down the East Rim.

It was awesome nerding out on bikes with Kyle and so great to get to ride with him on his first pedal. He did a great writeup on The Radavist which you can find here, and I’m looking forward to riding with him again in the future.

Thanks to Kyle Klain for the amazing photos!

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