A few updates from Myth for 2021

Happy new year Myth family! While 2020 wasn’t as rough for us as it was for some folks, I’m still pretty happy to say sayonara to last year, and hello to 2021. Here are a few updates I’d like to share with you guys.

Build Kits

As many of you know, sourcing bike parts in the last year has been a huge challenge. The old method of speccing a build kit for your Myth frame was to complete your frame design, talk build kits until we had one figured out, and I would just order the parts, and they’d usually be here by the time your frame is done. Not so simple anymore. Companies are now backordered sometimes as much as 6 months on parts, and very little is in stock just ready to go. While I wish this was going to change in the next year, there’s not really a light at the end of this tunnel yet.

We still want to be able to sell complete bikes, so we’re going to continue ordering and speccing build kits, but how we do it is changing. Here are some things to know when you want to order bike parts through Myth Cycles:

Build Kits: some new guidelines

  • Your build kit will need to be finalized about 2-3 months before your bike is set to deliver. Our ordering process has been adapted to reflect this. It also means we’ll need to make all the decisions about your frame design at this time as well, because that’s usually directly related to the build kit.
  • We’re limiting the number of options available from Shimano and Sram. If you want a drivetrain or brakes from either company, the selection is limited to Shimano XT or above, and Sram GX Eagle and above. We’re planning on stocking some XT and GX Eagle stuff, so that may be the most available, but anything below these series have been next to impossible to get our hands on if you don’t want to wait a year.
  • Specific colors are out for now. You can always submit your preferred color for a part and if it’s in stock, we’ll get it for you. But if it’s not, we will default to black. Items from companies that make their stuff in the USA have been MUCH better about having specific colors in stock, but for stuff like Raceface handlebars and pedals, don’t hold your breath.
  • There just might be some delays. We will do everything possible to give you accurate timelines, but there are probably still going to be some delays. It’s not possible to know when stuff will actually ship, so we’re just working with what we’re given.
  • We’re doing everything we can to accommodate you. Thanks for your patience! Almost anything can be achieved in this new normal, but patience is definitely going to be a virtue.

I’m a dad!

We just welcomed our son Alder to the family, and we could not be happier. He’s a bundle of joy, and everything else that comes along with newborns, like diapers, feeding, lack of sleep, and just general attention giving. While this doesn’t mean a ton of things for Myth, it’s probably good for you guys to know that I’m doing double duty as a dad and business owner. Myth continues to chug along, and is geared up for a really big year right now, but I’m burning the candle at both ends to get your orders out! Luckily, Myth has the greatest customers in the world, and you guys continue to be understanding and awesome to work with.

The Zodiac: Project Z is live

The full suspension project we’ve been working on has a web page! Project Z was the working name for the bike we are calling the Zodiac. All the good deets can be found here: Myth Cycles Zodiac.

The first run is scheduled to be completed at the end of May, and we will be taking preorders for this group of frames starting February 1st. If you’re interested in getting in on that batch, then here is what you need to know:

  • The first run will only be offered in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Sizes XL and XXL are on the horizon, but not for this run.
  • We require a deposit to secure your order. Starting Feb 1st, there will be an item in the webstore called “Zodiac frame deposit” and there are a finite number of available slots for each run of bikes. It is first come, first serve. Followers of the blog will always be the first to be notified when these come available.
  • A deposit secures your pre-order for any size. We will build the correct number of each size based on the pre-orders placed.


For the most part, Myth is an online business, and much of our day-to-day remains the same throughout this pandemic. We aren’t inviting visitors into the shop right now, since we’re trying to take it pretty safe with a newborn in our lives. However Covid continues to mess with our supply chain, and getting frame materials isn’t always as easy as it’s been in the past. For the most part, we look way into the future and have been able to avoid delays on frames, but sometimes things do happen, so your continued patience is appreciated more than you know.

Moving right along…

That’s about it! Myth is geared up for a great year and putting out more bikes than ever before. We’re still taking deposits for custom and semi-custom orders just like before, and you can see the current lead time for those builds on the Deposit and Lead time page.

I also want to thank the Myth family for being so supportive, and continuing to help make Myth a leading bike company in the US handbuilt market. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re excited to see what bikes you guys commision for us in 2021!

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