Ambrosia, 57, Custom artwork and paint

This is a pretty special bike, because it represents so many things that have just been ideas for so long, but have finally become a reality.

This bike is for my friend Sam, and because of various reasons, it’s taken us more than a year to work through the project and have a final result. He’s been wanting a Myth for a long time, and he’s had a vision for a really custom bike that hasn’t led us down the most straightforward path.

It has custom ink pen artwork by my friend Jon Bailey who is a local artist. He’s been an integral part of the Durango art scene for almost 20 years, and he is an avid cyclist. Really, avid cyclist doesn’t describe him well enough, it’s more like bikes are a defining aspect of who he is. We’ve been talking about him doing art on one of my frames since I started building, and thanks to Sam, the connection finally happened.

The frame is a straightforward version of the Ambrosia, in a size 57. With rocker drops and rack mounts and all the standard things that make a touring/all-road frame awesome. It also came with an Ambrosia brazed crown fork which I’m debuting with this frame, and is available along with any Ambrosia order.

The frame was a bit of an experiment in finishing. Jon did the entire paint job, mostly with and all the artwork was done on the frame with paint pen. In the future we’re experimenting with combining powder coat as a base layer and paint pen artwork along with clear coat over the top, but this was a really awesome first step and we’re hoping to be able to offer Jon’s artwork as a paint option on future custom orders.

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