Full Custom Titanium Hardtail

It was bound to happen eventually; I built a titanium frame.

I came into framebuilding with about 6 years of professional welding experience behind me, and this is a fact I’ve always been proud of. Back when I went to trade school, I learned TIG welding with the intention to build bike frames. After getting a job, I sort of forgot about my ambitions to be a framebuilder and began learning the art of metalcraft. During this time, I welded quite a bit of titanium, and so learned the ins and outs of titanium as a material to work with. This gave me a really good basis of knowledge for delving into titanium framebuilding. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a very new project, but I felt prepared for taking on this build.

This frame is a full custom build for my friend Sam. Sam bought a Wyvern from me last year and has been riding the piss out of it, and even won a race on it! This bike is made to measure for his sizing, and we changed up to geometry to handle exactly like he wanted it. It’s got a 67 head angle, 73.5 seat angle, 416 chainstays (effective) and a bit longer reach than his Wyvern. All geo while sagged with his 120 travel Fox 34 Step Cast fork. It’s got Paragon Sliding dropouts, S-bent stays, and a plated chainstay yoke with tire clearance for 2.6, and chainring clearance for a whopping 38t chainring.

Sam is the first Myth Cycles sponsored rider, and I’m really excited to have him ripping around on the first Myth Ti bike. I’m stoked to see what trouble he gets himself into with this thing, and also excited for the possibility of more ti bikes in the future.


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