Full Custom hardtail, 27.5+/29

I recently finished this build of a full custom hardtail frame, and it was a really awesome build. Michael contacted me and showed me what he had in mind, and I immediately hoped he’d go through with this build. He decided to, and we entered into the build process. Some clients pay very little attention to geometry, and instead describe to me how they want the bike to handle, or the kind of stuff they ride, and I decide on the final geometry. Other customers, like Michael, have a very good grasp of geometry and have a pretty solid idea of what they want going into it. I like working with both types of clients, and it was enjoyable to discuss frame geometry at length with someone who thinks about it as much as I do (maybe more). We discussed quite a few points and went back and forth on a couple frame designs, but by the time we’d finalized the drawing, I think we really came up with an awesome design. Something I would definitely build for myself. This is the direction mountain bikes are going, and it was fun to build something so modern.


The build went very smoothly, and I got to use my signature loopstay yoke, as well as coned stays, both of which I love. We also settled on a powder coat color that I will be adding to the lineup this year. It may be one of my new favorite colors.


Michael also decided to get a Bedrock frame bag with his frame, so I contacted Joey and sent him the necessary information to get the bag started. The team at Bedrock were able to get the bag done at the same time as the frame, so I was able to send it all off together. Not before getting a couple good pics.


Michael also sent me some pictures of it fully built. I must say he chose some awesome components to go on it.

Photo credit: Michael Melo

All in all, a great bike and fun to build. I hope I get to build more like it in the future.

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