Talos, M, Fancy Mustard

I recently finished this Talos, in Medium, with Slider dropouts, and the Fancy Mustard powdercoat color. This frame had a few new touches that I’m really excited about, and you’ll be seeing more of in the future. One is the cones at the seatstay/dropout tab junction. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and I finally perfected the process to make them. I’ll do a blog post about them soon, until then just check out the finished product:


In this case, there are cones on both the seat and chain stays to meet the dropout tabs. This bike also featured the yoke that is now standard on the Talos, and any of my custom bikes that have super short chainstays and big tires. I call it the Loopstay.


Overall, a badass bike. I can’t wait to see it all built up by it’s new owner!

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