Fatbike frame

I try to maintain a Facebook page as well as this blog, and I’m never sure what to post in the blog that’s much different than the FB page. I guess one difference is that I feel more free to say whatever I feel like here on the blog, but the FB page feels more like marketing.

What I’m getting to, is I want to talk more about this fatbike frame I just built. The FB page just got pictures.

This is Hayley’s new fatbike frame. I really enjoyed building this one, because I feel like I’m really getting into the swing of building frames, even a style I’ve never built. The bends in the seatstays were tighter than anything I’ve done before, and I ended up using a heavier tubeset than any other bike I’ve built (and it didn’t end up being that heavy!). I really like how it came out. I had to modify my seatstay bender to use a following die instead of a roller (no pics, sorry), but that went quick and the bends came out perfect.

I hope to develop this into my production fat bike frame soon.

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