In Norse Mythology, Slaypnir (spelled ‘Sleipnir’ in the myths) was Odin’s legendary eight-legged horse. Slaypnir would carry Odin throughout the Nine Worlds on his shamanic travels, and aid him during his endless quests for knowledge and wisdom.

The Myth Cycles Slaypnir is our progressive geometry, long travel 29er hardtail frame. It’s always been important to us to keep up with the way bikes are going, and we do many custom builds in this vein. We figured it was time to add a semi-custom model that really reflected this. The key features of this frame are a long front center, steep seat tube angle, ability to take very long dropper posts and optimized for fork travel of 140 to 160mm. The 29 inch wheels give tons of rollover, and a high bottom bracket keeps you out of the rough stuff. If your goal is to push the limits of what a hardtail is capable of, the Myth Cycles Slaypnir is your steed.

Standard Features

  • Brazed-on stainless steel headbadge
  • Geometry optimized for 140 – 160mm forks
  • Bent top tube for standover clearance
  • Short seat tube for long dropper posts
  • Bottle studs on seat tube for dropper clearance
  • Clearance for 29 x 2.6 tires
  • 73mm BSA threaded bottom bracket
  • 31.6 seatpost
  • 148×12 Boost rear end
  • 418mm effective chainstay length
  • Loopstay signature chainstay yoke
  • Full length cable housing
  • Stealth dropper routing standard

Add-on Features

  • Slider or Rocker dropouts
  • Powder coat upgrades


The Myth Cycles Loopstay yoke is our original made in house chainstay yoke. Super short chainstays with big wheels is no easy task. The Loopstay is our aesthetic solution to this complex problem.

Bottle studsMG_3864.jpg

Slaypnir is designed to take the longest possible dropper post in each frame size. Traditional water bottle bosses limit the amount of insertion you can get with long droppers. This means getting creative if we want to retain the ability to have two water bottles. The solution? We use threaded M5 studs welded to the outside of the seat tube to hold a second water bottle in the Large and XL sizes.

Frame Materials

We build our bikes with the finest steel tubing and raw stock in the world. Tubes are selected from several different manufacturers based on exactly what butting profile and alloy we want for that part of the bike.

PMW logoWhat we can’t make ourselves we source from the best machine shop in the industry; Paragon Machine Works. Their commitment to American manufacturing and high quality products make them a perfect source for our critical frame components such as dropouts, headtubes, and bottom bracket shells.

Choose a Color

Part of ordering a Myth Cycles frame is ordering it in the color of your choice. When you order a Slaypnir, you get to choose from any of our custom powdercoat colors, and your frame is coated for you right here in house.

  • Check out our Colors page to see what’s currently in stock!



The long front center gives you the ability to charge hard on the downhill and make the most use of a long travel fork. The steep seat tube angle brings your weight forward and puts you more over the bottom bracket on steep climbs. Short chainstays tie it all together by keeping things tucked in the back, so that lobbing yourself off drops and roots feels nice and clean. Finally, the high bottom bracket lets you pedal through anything and ride over the tallest obstacles without high-centering.

Slaypnir is available down to a size Medium, but we are also offering a size M/L that is halfway between a medium and a large. Since this geometry rides best with short stems, this extra size allows many riders to get closer to their perfect fit while still riding a 30 or 35mm stem.

Note: Unlike many of our other geometry charts, this one is shown UNSAGGED

Slaypnir geo chart



Slaypnir frame: $1799.00

Frame add-ons:
Slider or Rocker dropouts: 100.00

Powder Coat:
Single solid tone: Included in base price
Illusion color upgrade: 100.00
Bi-color upgrade: 150.00
Illusion bi-color upgrade: 200.00

Complete Builds:
Components are available to add to any frame order from as little as a headset to any full build kit you can imagine. Just let us know what components you’re interested in and we’ll add them to your order.
Complete Slaypnir builds start at 3699.00

If you’re interested in ordering a Slaypnir, please check out our Ordering Page.