Nessie is a hardtail 29er mountain bike tandem. When my partner and I wanted to add tandem mountain biking to our list of activities, we found that what we wanted just wasn’t out there. Nessie is the culmination of all our research and testing. And we think it rides like a bat out of hell.

Tandem at 12,000 ft. Blackhawk Pass, CO trail

Nessie was designed with two things in mind; single track and bikepacking. It’s quick and responsive in tight singletrack, but also includes all the features you’ll need to take it camping for a week.

The double eccentric bottom brackets
The first unique feature of Nessie is the exclusive double eccentric bottom bracket system. Most tandems only have one eccentric bottom bracket in the front to tension the timing chain between the captain and stoker. Nessie also has an eccentric in the rear. This lets you tension a chain between the rear wheel and stoker’s bottom bracket, allowing you to run a Rohloff internal gear hub without a chain tensioner or sliding dropouts. Clean!

IMG_0586The other neat feature of having two eccentrics is that you can tension the chain by rotating the bottom bracket up or down. The difference in height between it’s top position and bottom position is 12.5mm, or about half an inch. If you’ve mountain biked on a tandem before, you know that pedal clearance is a very real concern. Having eccentrics on both bottom brackets lets you run in high clearance mode (up) or lower-but-still-pretty-high clearance(down) mode. In their upper position, the bottom brackets sit at a lofty 13.25″ off the ground with 2.4 tires. We have found this to be perfect on even technical single track. Then, say if you’re doing an extended tour on dirt roads and mild singletrack such as the Great Divide Mountain bike route, swing the eccentrics into their lower position for stability and easier getting on/off the bike.

Cargo carrying
Nessie’s geometry was chosen not only to give the sturdiest ride with modern butted steel tubing, but it also gives you the easiest and roomiest framebag options when you want to kit out and head into the woods. The three triangles are no harder to fit a framebag to than an average bike’s front triangle.


Each frame also comes standard with triple cargo cage mounts on the downtube. This will accept a cargo cage such as the Salsa Anything cage or King Cage Manything cage. Nessie also has a chainstay-mounted rear brake, which is conveniently tucked out of the way if you want to mount a rear rack. And yes, there are standard rack mounts on the dropouts and seatstays so you’re not limited when choosing a rack.

Nessie includes multiple cable routing options for both Rohloff and derailleur gear options. Our rear dropouts are also optimized for use with the Rohloff OEM axleplate torque anchoring system. They also work just fine with a regular 10mm axled hub.

Geometry ChartNessie geo chart

Price and ordering
Price on a Nessie tandem frame is $2699.00.

If you’re interested in ordering a Nessie, please check out our Ordering Page.

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